Rifle Post 7

"Rifle posts will target incoming ground troops. They have medium range and will target attacking troops individually!"

Defensive Strategy

  • Rifle Posts can only take on individual enemy troops so keep them away from the Raider Spawn Zone as this will encourage enemy players to spam troops near them.
  • Pairing the Rifle post with another defense like the Sniper Tower or Mortar to reduce the likelihood of it being attacked.
  • Low Level Rifle Posts are very weak at their base level but with a few upgrades they can become a serious threat.

Offensive Strategy

  • Rifle Posts have a fairly low rate of fire usually 1 three round burst per second making them quite easy to overwhelm in groups of six to nine troops.
  • A group of Thug can survive numerous Bursts from a Rifle Post as their low DPS is not enough to kill a single thug let alone a whole group without having another defense to protect them.
  • Drones and Copters can reduce a rifle post into debris in under 30 seconds as the rifle post's AI does not target these specific troops.

Rifle Post 1 Rifle Post 2 Rifle Post 3 Rifle Post 4
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Rifle Post 5 Rifle Post 6 Rifle Post 7
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Range Target Type Damage Type
8 Ground Single Shot
Level Damage Per Second Hit Points Upgrade Cost Icon cash Upgrade Time Boss Mansion Level Required
1 7 260 350 1 minute 1
2 9 290 1400 15 minutes 1
3 15 320 5600 2 hours 2
4 26 340 22000 4 hours 3
5 44 370 60000 10 hours 4
6 53 400 100000 18 hours 5
7 58 420 750000 1 Day 8

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