Shield icon

"Whilst a Shield is active other players will be unable to raid you. You will lose your Shield when time runs out or you start looking for another gang's 'hood to raid."


  • Other Gang Nations players cannot attack your 'hood if you have an active shield.
  • Shields do not protect your 'hood from friend vs friend raids, but don't worry your Cash and Juice cannot be stolen.
  • You wil receive a shield if your 'hood is successfull defeated during a multplayer raid. The length of the Shield you receive will depend on how badly your 'hood was destroyed;
    • ​If a player destroys 50% of your 'hood, you will receive a 8 hour Shield
    • If a player destroys 75% of your 'hood, you will receive a 12 hour Shield
    • If a player destroys 100% of your 'hood, you will receive a 18 hour Shield
  • ​Shields will expire when the times runs out or if you search for a new multiplayer raid.
  • Shields can be purchased using Gems. 1 Day, 2 Day and 7 Day Shields are available.

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